Prolong Razor Case

Prolong Razor Case

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Your Razor. Sharper. Longer.

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"By using state of the art drying technology we have been able to make your standard razor last for months while still maintaining a close shave." - Richard Marquette, Inventor 
  • It's not the hair on your face that makes a razor dull, instead it is microscopic rusting.
  • With Prolong Razor Case you can sanitize your razor so there's no bacterial growth.

  • The average person spends over $300 a year on razor blades. What a waste of money! 

If you are used to getting two weeks before replacing your razor, now with Prolong Razor Case you will get at least three months to over a year!!!

Now you can enjoy using high-end five blade razors.

All you need is one and it will last a long time.

You not only save a lot of money, you save a lot of time looking for gifts.
Get a Prolong Razor Case!

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